About Us

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter – Edward Cummings

Sydney Laughter is run by Shari Coventry, a Laughter Yoga Teacher internationally certified by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of the laughter yoga movement worldwide.

Shari Coventry is skilled facilitator and presenter with a long-standing commitment to health, wellbeing and personal development. Shari’s insightful and supportive approach and her natural ability to connect with people, ensure that participants in her training programs and workshops are engaged and achieve maximum benefit from their experience.

Shari believes that laughter yoga is about getting in touch with your natural and healthy desire to laugh freely and to express joy. Shari is passionate about health promotion and has been practicing within the wellness industry in various forms for many years. She decided to become a laughter yoga trainer and facilitator after experiencing first hand laughter yoga’s magical ability to allow laughter to flow freely, to release stress and to enable one to live in the moment.

Shari has led laughter sessions for a wide range of people, running workshops in the corporate realm, for the general public, with children, and with special needs groups such as senior citizens or those with a health complaint or limited mobility.

Sydney Laughter offers:

  • Certified laughter yoga leader training.
  • Laughter classes around Sydney (please click here for a list of our upcoming workshops)
  • Custom laughter classes or workshops for corporate team-building days
  • Corporate stress relief seminars
  • Laughter for seniors
  • Children’s laughter yoga
  • Public talks about laughter therapy and the benefits of laughter
  • Laughter boosting at Conferences
  • Key-note presentations at Conferences

If you have an idea for a laughter yoga session that is not listed above, we would love to hear from you and develop a workshop to suit your needs.

In addition to laughter yoga we also offer various other workshops for businesses, such as stress relief strategies, wellbeing classes, meditation and relaxation.