Laughter Yoga Classes

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face – Victor Hugo

What does a typical Laughter yoga session involve?

All Sydney Laughter teachers are certified “Laughter Leaders”. During a class the teacher explains the theory and practice of laughter yoga and guides participants through a series of fun exercises to create a flowing session. Classes typically range in duration from 30 minutes to three hours.

The exercises are dynamic and involve varying levels of physical activity. During most exercises group members remain in motion and establish eye contact with others in the group. Participants are encouraged to focus on enjoyment rather than pushing themselves to laugh – generally laughter should not be strained or forced. We aspire to cultivate light-hearted playfulness during laughter yoga exercises.

A typical Laughter yoga session will include a combination of the following exercises:

  • Gentle breathing and stretching
  • Playful laughter exercises that reduce inhibitions and shyness and convert simulated laughter into natural, spontaneous laughter
  • Clapping exercises
  • Deep breathing exercises that help participants regain breath after hearty laughter
  • Laughter meditation, which involves lying down and allowing spontaneous laughter to flow from the body
  • Sessions are closed with a guided relaxation or a  Yoga Nidra session.